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Intelligent Connected Services


Transform Your Business


Securely Connect your web, mobile apps, or devices end to end, machines-to-machine (M2M), machine-to-business and to people & to their devices


Build automated processes that leverage dozen of services within days or weeks than months. Expose/utilize services in new ways to simplify & accelerate your activities


Turns web, mobile, or machine/device data into actionable insights to drive operational intelligence and create efficient business model lowering operational costs


Generate revenue from your intelligent business system and create new revenue opportunities

IntCon Intelligent Connected Services Offers


Securely Connect your web, mobile or devices to many services to fill in missing gaps in your apps, in days than in weeks/months.

Integrate with just about any system, so you can connect your apps to tools you already use and bring your data together

Web Mobile

Build, customize and connect scalable, secure cloud applications mapped to unique business challenges without compromising IT governance and control. The platform addresses a broad set of business use cases through its customizable application platform that includes workflow and process automation, analytics and personalized charts and reports driven by customizable business logic.


Apply Machine & Deep Learning to process your data and derive results to optimize your business goals.


Beatiful configurable dashboard to visualized data/activity, to allow you uncover the next big oppotunity for your business

Sky's the limit

Enormous possibilities and build with ease! with simple & transparent pricing.



  • Light
  • $ 0.00/m

    Free forever

  • 5 icapp
  • 2 step connectivity
  • one inbound datatype injection.
  • NO outbound connectivity
  • 9am-6pm, support
  • Get Started
  • Basic
  • $ 14.99/m

    billed annually or $20 each month

  • 25 icapp
  • 3 step flows
  • 5 inbound datatype injection
  • NO outbound connectivity
  • 24x7 basic support
  • Try for Free

    or Purchase Now

  • Standard
  • $ 39.99/m

    billed annually or $50 each month

  • 50 icapp
  • Advance Flow designs
  • 25 inbound datatype injection
  • outbound API integration
  • 24x7 Standard support
  • Try for Free

    or Purchase Now

  • Premium
  • $ 99.99/m

    billed annually or $130 each month

  • 150 icapp
  • Advance Flow designs
  • Unlimited inbound datatypes injections
  • Unlimited outbound service & API integration
  • 24x7 premium support
  • Try for Free

    or Purchase Now

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Dhonek provides Purpose-Built inteligent integration system for Connecting, Automating, Optimizing and Monetizing your web, mobile, or devices apps.

Our Team consists of highly experienced software industry professionals who has worked for fortune 500 companies in past.

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